I am resorting to this. Posting pictures of the clothes I wear. I just can't seem to find the time for fun hobbies, sewing, and such. Lately I only seem to have time or energy for shopping. So, for now, I will be posting some of my stuff I throw together. Maybe one a week or so, until I get back into the swing of things.

If you have spent any time at all with me lately you are probably sick of this outfit, or something very similar to it. I have been obsessed lately with high waisted skirts, printed tees, and cardigans.

Shoes: Jeffery Campbel

Skirt: Old Navy (and I must note here that it only cost me $7.00, I bought two in 3 different sizes each plus one in grey).

Tshirt: Brooklyn Industries

Cardigan: Madewell (At some point I may just do a post all about Madewell cardigans. They are the best. This is the 4th one I have purchased from there.


Remodel: Kitchen

We aren't  completely done with our house. I don't know if we ever will be really. There is quite a bit more time, money, and resources that are required when renovating a house vs. an apartment. I'm happy with the progress though.

The kitchen is the most complete of our home. I refused to move in until it was finished. I'm so in love with it. We really lucked out in our neighborhood. Our kitchen is an add on so it is at least three times the size of most, not to mention I only had 60 inches of cooking space in my last apartment, so this is a dream. If I only had the time now to actually cook in it.

I only have two before pictures. We were not big fans of the layout. It didn't seem to maximize the space, you can't see beyond the bar, but there is about 10 feet of extra space. We could have put a little kitchen table there, but we knew we wanted a separate dining area which is adjacent to the kitchen, and two tables near each other would have been a little strange. And lets be honest, we weren't huge fans of the cabinets.

We almost gutted the entire kitchen. We flipped the layout switching the oven range and fridge. All of the cabinets are from Ikea, and the countertop is a Silestone from Home Depot. We also replaced the tile with hardwood floor to match the rest of the first floor. 


Some fall shoes

I've noticed a trend lately, at least with my taste in shoes. Every shoe that I want for fall this year reminds me of either a men's shoe, or a shoe that could easily have been worn in the 80's. It's no secret that I love flats.  I work on my feet all day so comfort is second, and these all seem pretty comfortable, and cute in my opinion.

I fell in love with these last year when I saw them at Impulse Seattle.

I searched high and low for a cheaper pair, and almost even resorted to buying a mens pair off of ebay. I didn't, and am glad I waited, they are now making knock offs. 

These are from Jeffrey Campbell, I found them during one of my shopping sprees in NY at David Z's.

And this is my fake Sartoralist picture showing them off.

I also tried to buy them in brown, but they messengered the wrong size to me. I just can't get over how cute they would look with narrow jeans and a blazer, so 80's right?

I have some other favorites too.

The boat shoe, or top sider. Sperry makes a great pair, and you can get them in a variety of colors. I know Abby's with me on these.

I also love the classic Penny loafer, or the update with the tassels. This article convinced me I might need a pair this fall.

In addition to these shoes, I really need a new pair of black riding boots. Anyone have suggestions?


People I miss

If you're picture isn't on this post, it's not because I don't miss you, it's because either the picture I do have of you was too dark, or I just forgot to take more pictures. But either way, I miss all of you.

Katie and Eve


Scout and Mara

*photo by Rusty Clifton










Food I miss

I'm still in denial. Denial that my vacation is over, denial that I don't live in New York anymore, and denial that I won't be able to eat my favorite foods whenever I feel like.  I've been back for almost three days, and my mouth is still watering, and probably will be until my next vacation.

Spicy broad noodles and pad thai from Song.

Custard and banana chocolate cake from Tea & Symphony.

Best hot dogs ever from Grays Papaya. Grab a coconut juice there too and you're set.

Fried Mars bar from Salt and Battery.

Pizza from Grimaldi's.

Jacques Torres chocolates. And the spicy hot chocolate, perfect for a fall afternoon.

And New York's cookie, the black and white.

You may ask yourself, is it possible she ate all of this food and didn't gain any weight? And the answer is no, I gained 5 pounds.