I can't get enough

I seriously worship this guy, Charles Spencer Anderson. Like many others I admire, he is a graphic designer and is based out of Minneapolis. If Tom would have applied and gotten a job with him, I would have moved immediately to Minnesota despite my intense loathing for really really cold weather. He's that great.

My favorite of his stuff is what he designs for French Paper Company, and more specifically his Pop Ink Line.  If I could own all of it I would. He has a knack for camp, and I'm a sucker for it, always have been.

My love for his stuff first started a few years ago, when Tom picked up this book. It has no purpose other than it is filled cover to cover with the cutest illustrations of little animals. It's one of my all time favorite books.

Come on, who wouldn't to use some of this stuff for very special occasions? And yes, these are seriously dinner plates, but wouldn't they look so great on a wall?


And this wrapping paper


One of the perks of having a graphic designer for a father and husband is the free paper samples they get. Usually they are from boring paper companies but every now and then they give out something really great. Well, French Paper Company distributed these posters to potential clients, and I couldn't have been more delighted. I think I will frame them and put them in Luke's room, or even in a nursery someday. Oh I really love them, and they are even available on dinner plates.






Weekend Quilting

Cramming cramming. That's what I've been up to. With a list of to-do's piling up and the impending return to Banana Republic in a week, I stayed up all too late this weekend sewing up two baby quilts that have been collecting dust for way too long.

The first, a baby quilt for a dear dear friend I haven't seen in about 7 years. We were pretty close in college, but the distance between Seattle and New York was too great for anything but emails, Christmas gifts, and yes baby gifts. With a boy due any day, I thought a western quilt with a polka dot backing would be perfect for the little guy. This was my first attempt at starting and finishing a quilt in a 24 hour period, with help from You Tube tutorials and a beginning quilt book I picked up over a year ago I was able to start it Friday afternoon and send it off Saturday morning.



And for Saturday and Sunday, I finally got around to quilting and binding this quilt. After many many great suggestions from friends and fellow bloggers, I finally decided on the cherry blossom polka dot from Amy Butler for the backing, and a orange from the kona solid fabric line for the binding. I really love how it turned out and hope it will add just the perfect touch to Luke's almost finished new room.




And as for the rest of the week, it will be spent cramming in as much play time with Luke as possible, finishing up my recipe book (this one has been "in process" for 2 years), making iphoto books for the last three years, sewing up a few wrap skirts for the shop, and hopefully getting some much needed catch up rest.

Oh, the car. yes, it was an accident. It was late, dark, and we backed right down into the ditch apparently not realizing the road took a sharp turn, well I realized, Tom didn't. We got it out the next day with a tow truck. Really though, what good are SUV's if you can't go off roading in them?


A weekend recap in pictures, YES!

4th of July

balloon launch, family, parade, seven peaks, friends, bbq, and a sparkler or two.









a happy reunion among friends!







And the crowning jewel of the weekend

(we all made it out safely)




Happy 4th of July!!


and enjoy my favorite weekend of the year!

I'm looking forward to: the Provo hot air balloon launch, parade, spending time with the Beans, Seven Peaks, a bbq or two, fireworks, cramming in as much time as we can with our BFF's, a Brooklyn friend reunion in Midway, eating this cake, and celebrating my mom's and my birthday on Monday!!

and I'm really hoping to document it all with an early birthday present (a hint to a special someone) !



(Not to be confused with "Maxi pads")

This year, the long, really long skirt and/or dress made a comeback. Lucky for me this is a style I can wear, unlike last year's mini's. I was unsure about the look at first, but like almost every trend, it didn't take me too long before I too wanted to take part.

I eased my way in first with this GAP skirt. I loved the neutral color and it looked super comfortable, so I ordered it in a tall length just to make sure it skimmed the ground. And the Result? I love it and wear it all the time.



And then I got a little more brave. I saw this dress on Rachel Bilson, a style maven in my eyes and decided I could do it. I initially wanted to copy it exactly, but had a hard time finding decent sailboat fabric, then Sew Mama sew sent me some complimentary fabric and thought it would look totally great all smocked up. Then this dress inspired me some more, and so, below is my version. It's wild, it's crazy, and not at all what I originally had in mind, but I love it too.