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No I'm not a 12 year old boy


I have a wide variety of taste's and interests. One of them is Star Wars. I am a borderline nerd, but still tend to consider myself borderline cool.  Basically I'm in denial that a 31 year old girl really shouldn't get obsessive about buying happy meals every day just to not miss one of the 18 Star Wars toys available. For the record, I got all of them, even two of some, except for Princess Leia (I'm currently looking on ebay for her).  A good friend also recently fueled my passion for useless Star Wars Information by giving me the Star Wars Classic Edition Trivial Pursuit. A gift I will treasure and use often, even if just  to quiz myself when I can't get anyone else to play with me. 

I like other things too. Clothes, music, movies to name a few, nothing no one else doesn't like. But recently a friend of mine showed me the blog Stuff White People Like. I have read almost every post, at least the ones that seem more applicable to me. I don't agree with all ,but I did find myself shameless relating to quite a few of them. These don't encompass by any means  who I am, but they are fun, and those of you that are just reading my blog for some of the first time might understand how ridiculous I can be sometimes. 

In no order of importance to me

 Girls with Bangs

Appearing to Enjoy Classical Music- This one doesn't really apply, I play the violin.


Scarves- yes I wore these all summer

Dinner Parties

Modern Furniture- you will see this firsthand when I show you pictures of my house. 

Oscar Parties- I have one of these every year. 

Michel Gondry and Wes Anderson 

Arrested Development

Not having a TV- funny how a lot of us don't but still find a way to watch 

Indie Music and NPR 

Apple Products- In my defense, I did grow up with Apple, I used my first PC in college. 

New York- this one goes without saying

Obama- vote for change!

There are many more, very funny and somewhat accurate. I am waiting for Star Wars to be added to the list for it to be complete. At least I don't dress up and name my children after  the characters, oh wait I did that already. 

In an effort to get to know you, what are your favorite posts? 


Cornbread recipe as promised

This is a carry over from my typepad blog, and I promised the recipe but am just now getting to posting it. If you have read the post just skip down to the recipe, if not, continue reading.

In attempt to get back to at least one of my hobbies, I baked up some cornbread this weekend. I have a serious love and/or obsession with cornbread. My mom made it occasionally growing up, and sorry mom, but I just wasn't a fan. It was usually dry and most likely something she improvised on to make it "healthy" or "low fat". It wasn't until I moved to New York that I discovered how incredibly satisfying cornbread could actually be. I enjoyed  a cornbread muffin wrapped in tinfoil from the local diner toasted and smothered with butter almost every morning for the first year I lived there (and I wonder why I gained 10 that year). 

A couple years ago my good friend Andi so graciously shared her cornbread recipe with me. This recipe makes up the most delicious treat you could ever wish for. Buttery, sweet, moist, and oh so mouth watering. I doubled the batch this weekend. This is what was left of my batch after just a few hours.

And for my bestest work friends who equally share my love of cornbread.

And the recipe

Heat oven to 350 - spray 9x13 pan

Mix together:
3 eggs
1 1/2 C milk
2 cubes melted butter
3 C bisquick
1/2 C cornmeal
1 C sugar
3/4 t baking powder

Bake 25 minutes or until toothpick coes out clean.
Gently poke bread with toothpick a ton of times.  Melt
1 cube butter with 1/2 C honey and pour over the bread.

Eat when warm if possible, its the best! Thanks again Andi!!


A Makie dress x4



 A good friend of mine recently had a baby girl. I always stew over what to make my friends when they bring a new bundle into the world, and it is never an easy process. This one was no exception. I debated between vintage patterns, new patterns, my own patterns, and I settled on a simple dress pattern in this Makie book.


And then I remembered that this is what the pattern looks like, not to mention all of the instructions are in Japanese.


All in all the pattern is simple, and the illustrations and beautiful pictures certainly help guide even the beginner sewer. Because I can't read the pattern I'm not sure if the dress is meant to be reversible or worn four different ways but I knew that I wanted my end result to be just that, a dress that could be worn over and over. 


Denim for the fall

And a print for the spring


Fall Looks I Love

I love fall, I love fall clothes. Here are some of my newest cravings.

Impulse Seattle 

Built by Wendy



New hairdo and a 5 dollar dress

After putting it off for way too long got my hair done Saturday and I love it. In my lifetime there have been only a few years that I haven't worn my hair curly as in perm curly or with my natural waves. My stylist straightened my hair only to finalize and finesse the cut, but I must say although it has been shocking to everyone, I like it. I might even change it up a bit now and then; curly, straight, many options.


And Target, how you've really come through for me lately. With fall around the corner and my need for new work outfuits I have talked myself out of feeling guilty for the clothes I have been purchasing, especially when they are under $25 dollars. This dress in particular I felt beyond great about buying. It was $5.38, seriously. The most comfortable dress I have ever worn and probably the cheapest.


And with the savings on that dress I was able to pick up a couple of other items. Another maxi dress, and this skirt. ( I also justified it all by telling myself that I could have spent 3x's the amount at Banana Republic and I'm pretty sure I will get more wear out of this stuff). And I didn't buy this one, but I came across it while I was browsing for links. I could imagine myself wearing it while vacuuming or something.