Living and Dining

This is my favorite room in the house. In fact, it is what sold it. I am in love with the fireplace and even more in love with lighting it and taking naps by it. Now if I could only figure out how to light it without burning half my hair off in the process.

The pictures aren't from the exact angles but hopefully close enough to get the idea.



In this room we didn't do much besides stain the floor a dark walnut, add recessed lighting and paint. Next on the list is artwork and new blinds.




granted these are different corners but same end of room

And I also recognize how this corner desperately needs artwork.







I love the idea of having a dining table. Finally we can have people over and they don't have to eat off of their laps. Too bad we never have anyone over.

In the original design of the house, this room was actually the kitchen before the addition. Because we wanted wood floor throughout the main floor we had to add it to this room. We also added the pendant light, painted, and changed the door. The door wasn't my first choice, but we were too late in picking one out for our contrator so he chose this one for us and installed it.


Art at Old Navy

I'm a fan of Charley Harper. I was first introduced to him through my friend Nick, who was smart and bought a few signed prints of his just after he died. His stuff is great, and now is available on little tees, puzzles, and books at Old Navy. I want all of it.


Peg Puzzle


Memory Game


Board Book




He loves them,

and they aren't made with lights, or shiny plastic.

I'm in love with tin toys, and not so much in love with plastic ones. These are so old and classic, but still hold Luke's attention for longer than any other toy. It may be that they are set up high on a shelf, and only played with when he is closely supervised, but either way, they are great. 

Luke first got hooked on this rocket carousel and the spinning top while playing with Eve and Ruth. He needed his own to play with, so Santa brought them to him for Christmas. But sadly, they sat in boxes until he finally got his own room, which was just a few months ago.  I must admit, I love how they look, but even more, I love hearing Luke call out "Rocket Ship" instead of "Baby Show".

Most of these toys are made by Schylling and can be bought here. The truck was a gift from Eve and Ruth, and the top I bought at a toy store in Brooklyn. My plan is to give one to Luke each year for Christmas, although narrowing them down to just one might difficult.


Hope has come






I can't stop smiling. And thank you Tom for being an Obama poster expert.


My boy, the pirate

Hallowen came and went this year. It was almost even a blur to me. I procrastinated making Luke's costume, mainly due to the disinterest I have had in sewing lately, but also because I have been very busy. I stayed up way too late the night before, and worked on it up until 10 minutes before we were to leave for stop # 1, 3Form, Tom's  work.

He was the perfect pirate, aside from the fact he was terrified of every other costume out there. He demanded to be held while traveling from office space to office space, not quite how we pictured it. But he mellowed out after he met up with his girlfriend Dotty, the lamb, or bunny, and they had a terrific time playing together. I think Luke might have even forgot it was halloween.


Stop # 2 was down to Orem for a "trunk or treat" extravaganza. Nothing can compete with trick or treating up and down the streets of Brooklyn lined in brownstones, but I have to say, this block knows how to throw a party. There was not a brownstone in sight but there were cars back to back with trunks open and filled with happy costumers and lots of candy. And if that wasn't enough, the end of the street offered music, dancing, and hot apple cider. Luke had a bawl, and so did I.

For Luke's costume, I wasn't impressed with the patterns available, so I improvised a little. For the pants, I did find a pattern for little girls knickers, McCall's # M5457, and used brown cordoroy. For the shirt and vest, I traced one of Luke's dress shirts, and played around with it until it looked piratey, using elastic thread for the hem, adding a collar, and of course, the deep vee. The vest was just a version of the shirt without sleeves, black twill,  and lined in red to to tie in the tights.